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Adam Brand happy for fellow Outlaw Travis Collins

NEW COUNTRY: Adam Brand has embraced rock and pop sensibilities on his latest album Get On Your Feet. THERE weren’t many people in the country music industry more ecstatic aboutTravis Collins’ recent golden guitar successthan Adam Brand.

The pair are old mates and Collins played in Brand’s country supergroup The Outlaws last year. It was an association that evidently extendedCollins’ fan base and helped the Cessnock musicianearn three golden guitars at the n Country Music Awards in January.

“It was a huge thrill to see my mate get up there and finally get what I think he deserves,” Brand said.“It was very cool. He talk a fair bit obviously, so it’s great to see what’s happening for him now. The world is exploding for him.”

The country music world long ago exploded for Brand. The 47-year-old has been in the spotlight since 1997 when he released the first of his 11 albums and along the way he has claimed 12 golden guitars, been the Country Music Channel’s Oz artist of the year seven times and even toured alongside global superstar Taylor Swift.

Last month Brand embarked on a new direction with the release of his album Get On Your Feet. The record embraces rock and pop influences for a broader appeal. It was savaged by senior Fairfax Media music critic Bernard Zuel for it’s “blokyness”, but fans lapped it up todebut the recordat No.1 on the country charts.

The album also cracked the ARIA mainstream charts at No.7.

“I just felt like I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I needed to take some risks and push myself in a few different areas I haven’t pushed before,” he said.“I certainly don’t want to bore people. I want to throw some surprises out there.

“Country music is changing. Country fans are changing. There will also be a heritage of country music and there will be that tradition we need need to hang onto and never lose sight of, but we also need to grow and evolve. Songs off this album are that natural evolution for me.”

Adam Brand – Get On Your FeetGet On Your Feet is essentially a party album that strongly walks the commercial country route followed by Keith Urban and Lee Kernaghansinging about chasing girls, partying and driving fast cars.

While thatsounds like cliche territory,there are a few tender moments. The most poignant beingHeaven Has A Soundtrack written for an old friend who died.

“I’d like to picture themup in heaven driving around in a pink convertible Cadillac listening to a big playlist of all the favourite songs we had growing up,” Brand said.

“What a great way to picture someone you care about and miss. Songs marka significant time in your life. Sometimes they take you straight back to this point in time. It would be good if the soundtrack in heaven was all those songs.”

Adam Brand performs at Belmont 16s on March 10 and Nelson Bay Diggers on March 11.

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