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Convicted armed robber and property developer Savas Guven scores $9 million in Mosman

AllRound Access boss Savas Guven has scored $9 million on his partially demolished home in Mosman. Guven’s partially demolished Mosman home.

Savas Guven and his wife Jade had been planning to build their dream home on the block. Photo: Supplied

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Savas Guven, the convicted armed robber-turned-property developer, has scored $9 million from the sale of the Mosman property owned by his wife Jade.

The bullish result is all the more impressive given the Guvens paid $5 million for it in 2014 and have since largely demolished the house.

In a twist, property records show it was purchased by Blue Storm Properties, of whom the sole director and owner is Leichhardt-based Rino Criola, a business associate of Campbell Duncan, son of mining mogul and the Guvens’ next door neighbour Travers Duncan.

Travers Duncan was one of the Guven’s neighbours who objected to their DA application to build a 15-metre high house because it “grossly exceeded” council guidelines. Last June, Duncan added further objections to the Guvens’ plans on the grounds of height and floor space, shadowing and concerns over lack of privacy.

Mr Guven, the owner and chief executive of scaffolding and building services company AllRound​ Access, came to attention last year when he proposed the redevelopment to his Hopetoun Avenue dress circle address overlooking Cobblers Bay Beach.

But revelations around his business dealings quickly overshadowed his reputation, including that he was a convicted armed robber using a pseudonym who controlled a $23 million property empire. None of his companies is large enough to disclose its earnings to the corporate regulator.

He was filmed manhandling two women attempting to stop the unauthorised felling of protected gum trees on a property controlled by one of his companies. He also faces charges for assault and intimidation over a parking rage incident and is due to face court next month.

While the Guvens’ DA was knocked back by council last year they won an appeal in the Land and Environment Court just before Christmas, allowing them to proceed with building their dream home.

However, two days before that court ruling, Fairfax Media revealed three of Mr Guven’s employees at AllRound​ Access were arrested as part of one of the biggest drug busts ever in .

The sale of the Hopetoun Avenue home was deemed bullish by local agents familiar with the high-end market values, with one saying on condition of anonymity: “At that price it must have coal deposits under the site”.

Mr Duncan has been found to have acted corruptly by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, by concealing the involvement of an Obeid family in a coal tenement.

The new owner Rino Criola is joint owner and director of the Village Living property group with Campbell Duncan and Ben Ingham, of the poultry and thoroughbred racing family.

Mr Guven has amassed an impressive property portfolio in recent years since he did time in jail for a violent armed robbery.

In 2000 Savas Yucel, as he was then known, was sentenced to four years jail for threatening to stab a store worker with a knife, although that sentence was revised to three years periodic detention on appeal.

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