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Restoring smiles to happy dials

Dental Implants can permanently replace any number of missing teeth. From just one missing tooth, to a whole mouth of missing teeth, Dental Implants can restore your confidence & quality of life.

LONG TERM: Dental Implants are the ideal way to replace any missing teeth and preserve your natural teeth. If placed with care and precision, Dental Implants can last a lifetime.

A mouth full of strong, healthy teeth is essential to our health & wellbeing.Havingstrong teeth lets us enjoy a rich variety of foods, which is essential to maintaining our good health as we get older.

Dental Implantsare the ideal way to replace any missing teeth and preserve your natural teeth. If placed with care and precision, Dental Implants can last a lifetime.

FLEXIBLE SOLUTION: Dental Implants can provide the foundation for a row of new teeth, acting as the support at either end of the teeth.

Dental Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, letting you eat and chew normally, and allowing you to laugh, talk and smile again with a complete sense of confidence and dignity.

Why choose Profilo°Dental? EXPERTS: The Profilo° Dental team can provide successful dental implant care for the most complex of treatment needs.

At Profilo°Dental, your treatment is coordinated by an expert team dedicated to every aspect of your treatment. They manage everything within the one location, from the moment you walk through their doors, to the day you receive your new permanent teeth.

YourDental Implant surgery is performed by a dually qualified Maxillofacial surgeon, who is highly specialised in complex surgery of the mouth, jaws and face.They can provide successful Dental Implant care to people with the most complex of treatment needs.

LIFE SMILES: A mouth full of strong, healthy teeth is essential to our health and wellbeing.

Most people with missing teeth will have lost some of the jaw bone essential to Dental Implant success. A specialist Maxillofacial surgeon has the training and expertise to rebuild bone and gum in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Your Dental Implant teeth are designed using digital 3D technology, and are produced using the highest quality of porcelain materials. They look and feel like natural teeth, and are produced with longevity in mind.

Your input during the design process for your teeth is of great importance. The appearance of your smile is highly personal, and Profilo°Dental want to make sure your new teeth complement the unique qualities of your face, as well as your own personal tastes.

THey work with you all the way during the design process, and spend the time to get every detail correct, because they know this is the only way to meet your expectations.

Dental Implant process1. ConsultationThe first stage is to see Profilo°Dental for a consultation. Here, they will explain the Dental Implant process in detail, and answer all of your questions, so you have the information you need to decide if Dental Implants are for you.

2. PlanningWhen you decide to go down the path of Dental Implants, Profilo°Dental will arrange for you to have a 3D scan of your jaws and face. This will show the quality of your jaw bone, to ensure Dental Implants are suitable for you.

3. SurgeryThe next stage is the placement of your Dental Implants. This can be done under local anaesthetic in Profilo°Dental’s Newcastle rooms, or under general anaesthetic at Warners Bay Private Hospital.

4. HealingYou jaw bone is then allowed time to fuse with you Dental Implants. You will have a temporary set of teeth to wear during this time, and after three months you will be ready for your new teeth.

5. Permanent TeethThis is your big day. Profilo°Dental will have your brand new teeth ready to be secured in place permanently with your Dental Implants. You are now ready to enjoy everything that comes with having a mouth of strong, healthy teeth.

Your Dental Implant teamDr Paul CoceancigPaul is a registered Maxillofacial Surgeon who believesthat everyone deserves to be confident andhealthy, and that people have a right to always look and feel their best.

He has established Maxillofacial practices in Sydney and Newcastle.

Paul ismotivated to improve on the status quo and advance new technologies and has worked with a diversity of Dental Implant companies and specialists from around the globe to introduce new techniques and higher standards of care within .

He believes passionately in the Profilo° philosophy to provide outstanding care with patient-driven results.

Paul is supported by thecaringexpertise of Dr Angela Marty, Dr Evan Stacey, and Dr Vishnu Varma.

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