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Salt Ash Lyme disease sufferer Jade Morgan happy Senate inquiry into the tick-borne illness has been reopened

THEN: Salt Ash resident Jade Morgan was diagnosed with Lyme disease in April 2016. It came after four years of being misdiagnosed. Pictures: Ellie-Marie WattsSalt Ash resident Jade Morgan heads to Malaysia this week to access treatment for Lyme disease.

Miss Morgan was barely in her 20s when she was struck down with lethargy, loss of feeling in her legs and short-term memory loss.

She was initially told it was “all in her head” since manydoctors still don’t believe Lyme or Lyme-like diseases exist in .

PRE-FLIGHT: Jade Morgan, just days before her departure to Malaysia for treatment. Picture: Supplied.

After $1000 worth of blood testsa specialist confirmed in April 2016 that she hadthebacteria Borrelia in her system, which is associated with tick bites.

Borrelia is an accepted cause ofLyme disease in other countries, known to affect the organs and other body systems.

No longer able to work as a hairdresser, Miss Morgan has sought high doses of antibiotics in Sydney with minor relief.

In a February blog entry she made a long list of he symptoms. This included nerve pain, hot and cold feet, light sensitivity and chest pain to namea few, as well as being reliant on a wheelchair.

“I have been a bit quiet the past few days, Friday I ended up in hospital with severe pain and a kidney infection,” she wrote this past week.

“Before that I had appointments and was trying ready for Malaysia but I still have so much to do before Tuesday.”

Tilligerry Lions Club said one round of treatment alone would not be enough, announcing it would support her plight.

“Family, friends and some public support have raised sufficient funds to enable Jade avail of her first session of life-changing treatment overseas in March,” Lionproject chairman John Sheppard said.

“This needs to be followed up with a second treatment in April.

“Tilligerry Lions Club are seeking the empathy and generosity of the Public to raise $10,000for Jade’s vital second treatment with various fund-raisers through March and early April.”

Miss Morgan told the Examiner in September therewere days she “couldn’tget out of bed”.

“The other thing that really upsets me is that I know there are heaps of other people out there suffering.”

Initially donations may be made at Tilligerry RSL, Club Lemontree, Tilligerry Quality Meats, Boshev’s Corner Store Salt Ash, Tanilba Bay Newsagency and most Tilligerry Retailers.

Jade Morgan.

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