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Seven faces another information leak on rogue websites

Seven West Media continues to fight multiple legal battles to protect the reputation and position of chief executive Tim Worner. Photo: Dom Lorrimer A judge has extended a suppression order banning former Seven West Media employee Amber Harrison from mentioning the company in public.

Kerry Stokes is accused of attacking free speech and whistleblower rights. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Anonymous rogue websites continue to create legal headaches for Seven West Media after a new page was registered over the weekend repeating allegations about chief executive Tim Worner and former Seven employees.

Majority owner Kerry Stokes also appears to be the target, as the site alleges he is attacking free speech and whistleblower rights.

Seven’s legal team will have to try to force names and allegations about sexual affairs back into the can, despite the site being retweeted by at least three people on Monday. So far Seven has failed to get another website to take down the same information, which has been online since December.

Mr Worner denies affairs with other employees and four women have started defamation proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW.

This comes just days after Justice Robert McDougall of the NSW Supreme Court extended a gag order against former Seven employee Amber Harrison, who is engaged in a one-woman campaign against the company.

Ms Harrison had an affair with Mr Worner from late 2012 to mid 2014 before leaving the company. However, she has become embroiled in a bitter legal battle over alleged credit card misuse ever since. She took the feud public in late 2016 to try to bring it to an end.

Instead, Seven has sought an extraordinarily broad suppression order on her making any public comments about the company after she started tweeting screen shots of internal emails between senior managers and personal letters she received from Mr Worner.

The matter returns to court in March, when Justice McDougall will decide whether to permanently silence Ms Harrison.

The new website, which Fairfax Media has chosen not to name, was registered anonymously through Word Press on Saturday, according to domain name registry ICAAN.

The site has one entry dated January 6 that consists solely of copies of Amber Harrison’s submission to the n Human Rights Commission. It has the same format as another existing site which is aimed at ruining Mr Stokes’ reputation.

Seven’s lawyers believe that site is the work of a man  which also published Ms Harrison’s allegations about Mr Worner’s other affairs in December.

That man told Fairfax Media he has no involvement in the new site and has told Seven’s lawyers he has no connection it.

Seven declined to comment.

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